Celebrating NAIDOC week with Haus of Dizzy

NAIDOC Week is held to celebrate the diversity, culture, knowledge systems and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. It is a time to celebrate the oldest living and continuous culture in the world.
We had a chat with Wiradjuri Jewellery Designer & Queen of Bling, Kristy Dickinson (AKA Haus Of Dizzy) about what NAIDOC
Week means to her, and how she's celebrating.
Photo: Kristy Dickinson and her son Ziggy Lee.
Tell us about your business.
At the helm of Haus of Dizzy, proud Wiradjuri woman Kristy Dickinson creates bold, playful, statement-making jewellery that celebrates and honours Indigenous culture—imbuing a sense of empowerment and joy within everybody who wears it. Oftentimes featuring powerful political and social messages, each Haus of Dizzy piece is designed, laser-cut, hand-painted and assembled in the company’s studio, located in Fitzroy, Melbourne/Naarm.
What land is your MOB from?
My MOB are Wiradjuri, North West NSW.
We've recently moved into the same office as you, which is located in Fitzroy (yay for being neighbours!)
What can you tell us about the land we share?
Fitzroy has a lot of history as being one of Victoria's largest Indigenous Communities and became the social and political hub of the first Nations people of Melbourne.
What does NAIDOC mean to you?
This year's theme is quite important: Heal country, heal our nation. This year we need to come together and celebrate our country, but to do better by Country, to protect and respect it, and to listen to the first nation voices about how to do this.
How do you celebrate NAIDOC week?
Normally we have a week filled with events and our NAIDOC Ball, but due to COVID all that has changed.
So it's a lot of catching up at online events. I'm really enjoying watching Big Mob breaky on NITV. Everyone should check it out!
What is the best way to be an ally?
Buy from Blak businesses, don’t speak on our behalf, we have a voice and not afraid to use it.
Celebrate our first nations people every day of the year not just on January 26th or any other significant events for First Nation People.
Are there any other indigenous businesses you would like to give a shout out to.
Gammin Threads, Gathermore Floral Events, Bananalands, Ngarrimili, and music from Bad Apples Music, Soju Gang, Ziggy Ramo, Miiesha, Mi-Kaisha, Kaiit.

To find out more and shop Haus of Dizzy, visit Kristy's instagram and websites via the links below:
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