From the Founders

Best spots to buy Art from the Kip&Co Founders

The Kip&Co founders spill the beans on where they’ve made their best art purchases (that have then been featured in our photo shoots) and what their hot tips are for finding your next piece of art.




My absolute favourite spot to find art is the Mill Market near where we live on the Bellarine Peninsula. There’s plenty of trash but if you’re will to hunt around, there’s also so much treasure! Sorry I can’t find a great snap but both Hayley and I really have HEAPS of things from here that we love.

One of my favourite pieces or art is this incredible vase. It’s been in almost every one of our shots cause it just has so much personality and feels really timeless. I particularly like it because we purchased this one off my old school art teacher who now has a gallery - finding that special connection adds extra meaning to a piece for me. Check out Falkner Gallery in Castlemaine.

My splurge tip is Ken Done, I recently purchased one of his artworks on a family trip to Sydney and can confirm Ken lives to expectations - he’s charming, charismatic, creative and just totally iconic. His artwork speaks to all of that and somehow captures that sense of ‘Australia’ that is so hard to put into words.




My hot tip is to snap up artwork when travelling (those were the days!), it’s a great momento of the trip and that moment in time that you will cherish forever.

One of my favourite paintings is the little black bird (artist unknown). Alex and I found this together, hiding amongst some treasures in a Williamsburg opposite the Momofuku milk bar (excellent for a post purchase celebratory ice cream). Another one I found at a big street market in Palermo, Siciliy, and yet another in Paris’ flea markets. All are cherished, and all were under a couple of hundred dollars.



I also really love photographic art and because it is often one in a series of prints, photographs can be a bit more accessible price wise. I’ve currently got my eye on a couple of Kara Roselund prints which you can get your hands on from $290.

I also commissioned this really large colourful artwork by Joan Blond. I loved that I got to get to know the artist a little bit through that process and love it all the more because of that.




One of my very favourite hyper-local places to buy art is the Logbox Redhill which we featured on the blog back in August. The Logbox has a beautiful curated collection of local artists and old midcentury pieces sourced from around the globe by the uber stylish founder, Chloe. Check the collection out (post lockdown) in situ at the Logbox Redhill (so refreshingly non-gallery)!



My two favourite piece ares probably the Esther Olsson and Fred Fowler artworks that we commissioned. What I love about it is the collaborative nature of the artwork. With Esther, we shared motifs that were important to us and the area we live in, so we know it’s truly one of a kind. It can also be a bit more cost effective than going direct to a gallery!



This black and white leg photograph is still a firm fave and is really well priced given the size (and it was framed). The artist is Peter McConchie and I’m pretty sure he still has a facebook site you can buy through.



The artwork in this piece is so popular, we always get asked about it! Bobby worked for six weeks in the Kimberley and purchased this from the Warmun Art Centre gallery. The artist is Roseanne Patrick and I think it was just under a grand. It’s got the most amazing colour palette in it that just warms the room.



This piece is by Nyah Cornish and was about $700. I actually LOVE this piece. Track this lady down. We got this one at the Not Fair Art Fair which is a GREAT spot to find some up and coming artist that are super talented but without a hefty price tag.

The panther (we’ve called George) was found art by Melissa Grisanch at Springtime Art Show for a couple of hundred bucks. He’s a bit out there but I love statutes and it’s fun having something a little less serious.



My splurge tip is James Drinkwater. Been obsessed with his art for years and hoping one day Ill save enough to add to my collection.