How To Achieve That Effortless Glow with Ali Whittle

When it comes to getting our beauty fix, we can't go past beauty babe Ali Whittle. Forever nailing that effortless, dewy look we are always trying to achieve, Ali shares her skincare secrets in today's blog.
Sleeping on silk is a great place to start, not only does it add a touch of luxe to your slumber, it won't soak up your fancy serums or precious creams!
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Let’s start at the beginning. Who is Ali?

Well, I live in Sydney with my husband Angus. We’re originally from Melbourne and moved here nearly seven years ago. I’m a libra, I’m generally very optimistic, hardworking but I’m good at taking breaks/resting/self-care. I love reality TV – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anyone?? I love reading, morning walks and I’m just starting to get back into running – which I stopped a while ago but I used to run every day.
For the last 18 months I’ve worked for myself, creating content, creatively collaborating with brands I love (like Kip&Co). Before that, I worked in the media – specifically in magazines where I was a journalist and editor for 6 or so years. Working for myself has been one of the most rewarding experiences. I feel extremely grateful everyday to have the freedom to choose what I do, have wonderful opportunities come my way and pave my own path.

We absolutely love the beauty content you share on your socials, what are your top 3 beauty tips for keeping your skin looking dewy and fresh, especially with the change of season?

Hydrate, treat and protect! I used to have acne and always tried to strip away the excess oil and attack the blemishes. Not a good idea. I didn’t know anything about skincare or how to look after my skin. Looking after your skin barrier, making sure it’s strong and unimpaired is incredibly important to skin health and keeping it hydrated from the inside out. Treating the specific issues you may have is super important but it’s also about getting to know your skin – what does it like or what doesn’t agree with it. It’s a lot of trial and error. And then above all else – protecting your skin with SPF! Making sure you wear SPF 50+ every day – even if you’re inside. There are so many amazing sunscreens out there like Ultra Violette, Mecca Cosmetica, La Roche Posay and Naked Sundays.
We are big believers in getting your beauty sleep at Kip&Co, do you have any night time rituals?

My bedtime/nighttime ritual is sacred. I love my sleep and unwinding before bed is crucial to feeling relaxed. Being in lockdown has kind of thrown my routine slightly (aka going to bed a bit later and waking up a bit later) but ideally I get into bed around 9.30pm after showering, I pop some lavender essential oil into my diffuser, spritz some pillow spray on my pillow – and to be honest I will scroll on my phone for 30 mins or so and then I’ll put it somewhere I can’t reach. Then I’ll read until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. Having a lovely made bed with a silk pillowcase and linen quilt cover is a great place to start too.
The beauty scene is constantly changing, what trends should we be keeping our eye out for?

Gosh I’m sure there are lots but things I’m into are nail stickers – so we can have fun nails at home (in Lockdown and beyond). Check out @flowerbed_nails, lots of blush, a focus on skin and light base products ie skin tints and fun, bold, colourful eye looks. And hopefully more people wearing sunscreen every day!
What’s next for you?
Maybe an at home haircut haha – I’m joking. Maybe. I hope we get out of lockdown soon! But for the rest of the year, I’ll just be focusing on some exciting partnerships and also finishing off furnishing our new home! We recently bought our first home and moved in a few weeks ago so it’s been a wonderful distraction. We have some plans to paint inside, and maybe a bathroom renovation in the future but otherwise I spend a lot of my time scouring the internet for epic furniture and homeware finds and then sharing it with my followers. So follow along if you like a lot of beauty content, and some fun home content too!