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Our 10 Best Dinner Party Conversation Starters

We've rounded up the Kip&Co team's best conversation starters to add to your dinner party toolkit! Start preparing now, we will be back wining and dining with friends and family in no time!

1. What is everyone currently watching?

2. The Beetles or The Rolling Stones?

3. Where are you headed when you can travel abroad again?

4. Where did you get that amazing dress? 

5. If you were in a wrestling match, what would your walkout song be?

6. If it’s a Kip party, then obviously… What’s on your bed right now?

7. What is your most controversial opinion?

8. If you had to go back to one holiday vacay spot where would it be?

9. What is your fave spot in the world?

10. What was your first memory? / What’s been your sliding doors moment?